Baking Kits

What's included in the baking kits? 

Every one of our baking kits will always include all the dry ingredients you need to make your desired bake. We even include extra bits and bobs like your flour for rolling out and piping bag for decorations. Each kit also comes with a reusable recipe card so you can make your favourite bake over and over again. 

If you opt to include fresh ingredients, your butter will be included. We portion out butter and wrap it in greaseproof to keep it protected during postage. If your kit requires fresh fruit then this will also be included. Berries are stored in protective plastic pots which we encourage you to reuse where possible! 

What will I need to add? 

If you order your kit with fresh ingredients, the only things you'll ever need to add are eggs and cream. 

We tried to get these through the post but without much success! 

If you've ordered a kit without fresh ingredients then you'll likely need to add eggs and butter, occasionally milk and cream or fresh fruits but everything you need to add will be clearly indicated on your recipe card. 

Where is my greaseproof? 

The paper that your ingredients are wrapped in inside your box is greaseproof and will work to line your tins and pans! 

How long does the kit take to make? 

Usually, we recommend you allow a minimum of two hours to use your baking kit. This takes in to account the time to read through your recipe, combine your ingredients, cook your bake and allow it to cool. 

Some kits which include more steps such as our bigger cakes require chilling time and decorating time so can take a whole afternoon. 

Will my kit be gift wrapped? 

All our kits are currently gift wrapped in brown paper with red and white string. 

Can I add a gift message? 

Of course, there should be an option to add a message to us at checkout. If you miss this then don't worry, just send us an email at hello@theveryhappybelly.com with your order number and gift message. We'll hand write it and include it in your parcel. 

Are the ingredients suitable for Vegetarians?

Yes! All our ingredients are vegetarian including our marshmallows. 

Are the ingredients suitable for Vegans?

Most of our kits are not vegan. However, we do have 2 specialised vegan baking kits and can recommend some excellent other baking gift producers who specialise in vegan bakes. 

How will my kit be packaged?

Your box itself will be gift wrapped and if you haven't ordered fresh ingredients, it'll be posted in a recycled mailing bag so your gift wrapping stays intact. If you've ordered fresh ingredients, your box will be posted in a weather proof mailer which helps to keep your box insulated. 

How long will my kit take to arrive? 

Standard orders are packed and posted within 72 hours of us receiving your order. We use royal mail and send all standard orders 2nd Class so it should be a maximum of 7 working days from the date on which you placed your order, however usually orders are delivered within 5 working days. 

For express orders, your parcel will be packed and posted within 24 hours from when you placed your order and will be sent Tracked 24 so should be received within two days of you placing your orders. 


Baking Subscriptions

 How does it work? 

Every month, you'll get a baking box with all the ingredients (including fresh!) you'll need to bake up a storm in the kitchen. The only things you'll ever need to add are eggs and cream. 

Once you've placed your order, you'll also get access to our exclusive bakers club facebook group for the duration of your subscription which will give you access to step by step videos, online baking workshops and extra recipes and exclusive offers just for you. 

What kind of recipes should I expect? 

Our recipes vary every month but you'll never get two of the same. Over a period of 12 months, we'll cover cake, traybakes, scones, doughs, biscuits and pastry. These can come in many forms - for example over the past six months we've sent out scones, loaf cakes, galettes, swiss rolls, cupcakes, biscuits and doughnuts just to name a few. 

Our little bellies subscriptions will always be simple and easy to make and the recipes are traffic lighted so you know when to step in and when to let your little ones have a go. 

Our big bellies subscriptions get a real variation and tend to mix between fruity recipes and chocolate based recipes. 

Will I need lots of tools? 

No! You need the basics - tins, bowls, spoons but anything that you might need as extra we'll include in your boxes. 

When will my first box arrive? 

You can opt to have your box delivered straight away or you can choose to have your subscription begin the following month. This option works best if you're giving this as a gift, so you don't have to store or gift a box that might include fresh ingredients. 

When should I expect my subscription to arrive?

We always send out the subscriptions in the first full week of every month. Please bear in mind that we have a huge amount to pack and get out in a short space of time! We also have to work around bank holidays so we'll usually try and get your boxes out AFTER the bank holiday has passed so as not to risk your box getting stuck in a postal depot for four days.

I want to gift the first box and then have the following boxes sent to a different address - is this possible? 

Yes, we can do this! Enter the first address at checkout and then make sure to email us with the change of address request and your order number before the 1st of the following month.