The Best Affirmations for Children To Improve Self Esteem and Lower Anxiety

The Best Affirmations for Children To Improve Self Esteem and Lower Anxiety - The Very Happy Belly Co.

What are affirmations? 

Affirmations are positive statements you tell yourself once, or a few times, a day. They often challenge unwanted thoughts or negative self-talk. It’s a simple and easy way to improve self-esteem and self-compassion. There has been evidence to suggest that practising positive affirmations can lower stress levels and help us become more resilient in our day-to-day lives.

Why for kids?

Children are very impressionable, they absorb the world around them and are greatly affected by it, by taking some time out of the day to say positive affirmations may help create a safe environment for them. Affirmations may also encourage a GROWTH mindset instead of a FIXED mindset. A fixed mindset is when an individual believes their abilities are fixed, this can be very restrictive for a child, especially when developing skills. A growth mindset is when an individual knows they can learn different skills through practice. By implementing affirmations into their daily lives, children can build more confidence and become more self-assured.


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Affirmations for Self-worth

Practising self-worth is so important, especially from a young age! It’s very common for people to feel like they aren’t enough and compare themselves to others, so ingraining an inherent sense of worthiness in your children will work wonders for their self-esteem and confidence. Kids with self-esteem believe in themselves, accept mistakes easier and feel proud of their abilities. Here are 5 affirmations to help build your kid’s self-worth:

  1. I matter
  2. I am enough
  3. I am strong and determined
  4. I am capable
  5. There is no one better to be than myself

Affirmations for Improved Attitude 

Mindset and attitude are extremely important in dictating the feelings and experiences your child faces. Although sometimes things go wrong, encouraging kids to have a positive outlook on things may help guide them through moments of disappointment. Here are 5 affirmations that help cultivate a positive attitude: 

  1. I choose my attitude
  2. I will have an amazing day
  3. I am ready to learn
  4. I can get through anything
  5. I can try again

5 Affirmations for Building Healthy Relationships

How we treat the people around us and how others treat us is so important, especially when we are developing into our own people. Teaching children about healthy social relationships at a young age with help provide them with the tools to respect others and set their own boundaries. A healthy relationship can help children feel supported and secure, so here are 5 affirmations to help build healthy relationships:

  1. I will listen to my teacher
  2. I have people who love and respect me
  3. I show empathy towards others
  4. I am kind and loyal
  5. My parents are proud of me


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